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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Nadia N. Nadia
    trs confo

    bon support pour vaquer mes occupations toute la journe, j'ai des problmes de tunnel carpien et en dormant avec mes poignets je n'ais plus de douleurs au matin et c'est plus confortable qu'un atle!

    Vinod Jacob V.J. Vinod J.
    Best Ankle Sleeve Tried

    Excellent Ankle Sleeve, they are very comfortable and very easy to put on unlike most compression wear.They stay in place and very comfortable to wear all day almost like you do not know they are on

    Damien D. Damien

    My husband has been suffering from bad carpal tunnel that I just figured what the heck and bought one for him to try and he loves it. He even sleeps with it on and is able to sleep though the night. I would recommend this product to everyone, thank you.

    Nic N. Nic
    carpel tunnel relief

    I developed carpel tunnel during my pregnancy and it bothered me most of the day and kept me up most nights with pain and numbness in my hands. Exercises from the physio and a splint provided limited relief (if any). Since wearing the product 23/7 over the past few weeks (and continuing with exercises and the splint) I have noticed a marked reduction in symptoms during the day and at night which has allowed me to sleep. I would recommend this product.

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