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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    michel m. michel
    awesome but sizes run SMALL in the waist

    These shorts are awesome. The only drawback is the waist sizing. I wear pants that are 30/32, and I had to buy an extra large so that the waist band was not super tight on my waist. It says that xl is for 38-40 waist. If you are that size, and try to wear these, the waist band will be super super tight on you. for most people who do not have super athletic washboard abs, they will be totally uncomfortable. Incrediwear needs to remedy this!! Same goes for the long tights. Thanks.

    Virginia Walker V.W. Virginia W.
    circulation shorts

    These help a lot. My pain is in my hips and this is an easy way to cover them. I may need to get the brace because it has the other element in it. They are great for staying warm and keeping circulation going.

    Tim T. Tim
    Works Great!

    I use these shorts for working out and basketball. I deal with some lower back pain and nerve pain through my hamstring. These shorts help lower the pain and recovery is much quicker.

    Betty Tod B.T. Betty T.
    Effective, supportive AND comfortable!

    I love your products. I wear your calf sleeves, wrist sleeves, and shorts for my 250 km dessert races. I wear your socks for my other races. My only complaint is the sizing. Please make a woman's product or at least a small in men's .

    Joe J. Joe
    This really help me

    Yes, product is very good and it helps to recover. Thank you for such wonderful product.

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