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    Katherine Michael K.M. Katherine M.
    Inflamation help

    I have been wearing the body sleeve for approximately a month now. I am 5'3" and weigh 130 lbs. and so ordered a S/M. I seems to fit just right. It washes up well (I did not put it in the dryer). It is soft and comfortable. I had a lesion on my lower spine that caused waist down damage. Lesion was healed by steroids. I have been left with damage. One "after affect" is inflamation of my spine and tail bone. The body sleeve does not cover the entire spine but what it does cover has helped reduce the inflammation. I apprecreciate the reduction of pain. I find I cannot wear it after eating. I have a neuropathy in my stomach nerve and the pressure is uncomfortable. The relief I receive during the day helps me keep going. Also, I have been wearing it while I exercise and it is comfortable enough to complete the stretching I require.

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