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    Arm Sleeve

    Arm and Calf Sleeves so far..

    As a PGA Member and Golf Academy owner and lead instructor I need to be able to stay healthy and "ache free". I met Incrediwear at the Merchandise Show in Orlando and talked with Tom. Great insight and passion and I was hooked. Bought an elbow sleeve there and actually gave that to one of my students already. Purchased a full arm sleeve and calf sleeve as well as shin splint piece. So far I have had nothing but positive results. Wear them either all day or all night while sleeping. If I had 3 thumbs I'd put them up. Hoping we could discuss an affiliate program as I see a lot of sales potential for you and myself just after a couple of weeks of "word of mouth" networking. Thank you!

    Need more size options

    My problem stems from the sizes available for this elbow sleeve. While your website states that the S/M is 12-16, the box I purchased indicates 10-14 and the large is 14-20. My arm measurement is right on the cusp between the S/M and the L. The S/M is just a tad too tight and the L is WAY to large. There is also a big difference in the length of the sleeves. The Large is about 3 inches longer than the S/M size. I would have preferred to have a true individual Small and Medium size to choose from.

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