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    Karissa Lund K.L. Karissa L.
    Best Thing I Own!!

    After 2 years of an occasional indescribable, uncomfortable stiffness in my full leg, and 6 months of the same feeling but constant and affecting my daily life, I can finally sleep and concentrate on things other than my leg. My doctor was perplexed by my situation and could only recommend stretching and a compression sock for the swelling. My dad came home with this a week ago and it genuinely changed my life. I've been able to sleep with little to no discomfort! Yesterday was the first time I didn't have it on during the day or while I slept and I woke up this morning tossing and turning because of the pain. So I got up and put this on and in 30 seconds I was out like a light and slept like a rock. I'll probably end up getting one for my ankle because it feels like it's missing out on the party! I wear this while I sleep but I occasionally wear it to work where I do a lot of sitting! It helps SO MUCH! And I can hardly feel that I have it on! I feel the compression, but it's comforting rather than annoying! Definitely worth trying if your pain has been labeled a lost cause!

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